Lynne Weare is a Toronto based Fashion Designer and Tailor


Starting from an early age she has been interested in sewing and design and completed the Fashion Techniques and Design course at George Brown College. Immediately following graduation she had the opportunity to work for designer Mikhael Kale as his Design Assistant. Over the 4 years working at Mikhael Kale, she learned techniques that school never taught such as immaculate hand detailing, textile design, and unorthodox draping and pattern making.

Following the departure at Mikhael Kale, Lynne Weare has been creating garments for some of Canada’s top stylists to use in editorials that are completely one of a kind. She became interested in this when she noticed there was a gap between fashion designers and stylists. By bridging this gap, she works one on one with stylists when they feel something special needs to be designed to make their editorial stand out and completely one of a kind.

When not in her home studio working on custom designs, she is an on set tailor for clients such as Uniqlo, Marshalls and Mango. As an on set tailor, she brings her skills from working in a fast paced design studio and working with stylists one on one to create garments that fit beautifully for video and photography the second they are needed.